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Genesis Rudiment

Long and hard.

Would be the awesome adjectives I would use to describe the thinking I put into starting this confined shared space of mine.

Often enough, my life has always been about starting over and turning over new leaves every now and then. I’m running out of leaves anyway so it’s probably time to move over to a new tree. 🙂

Lately, I’ve been pushing myself to complete assignments and tasks in strict amount of time. It has been a roller coaster but one that helped discipline myself I would agree. But the one drawback is three words: conflicts of schedules. Yes, some days are  just more popular than others. And so it was the case yesterday and a few days back.

Fillial piety over friendship. Classic case. Which makes me now a really awful person. And I sincerely apologize. As it is, I despise myself, I despise my shortcomings and inabilities.

But rest not, for thou hath only the morrow and the futurity to lay thee eyes on. And I promise, from the bottom of my heart, embedded in my soul, that I will emerge a better person, holistically, wholeheartedly.

Because sometimes, just sometimes, you don’t wanna be trashy no more. 🙂


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